My name is Alicea and I am the owner of Lilygrace Flowers. My love of all things to do with plants has been with me since I was a very little girl. We always had flowers in the garden which I would pick and put in a vase in my room or take to school to give my teacher. When I used to go and stay with my grandparents, my nan would get upset as I would pick all the flowers in her garden and there would be vases scattered all around their house. We even dried flowers to make cards or pictures.

I studied agriculture and horticulture in high school. As my interest in flowers grew, I enrolled in a night floristry course at the local high school. When my horticulture teacher became aware of this, he organised for me to make a floral arrangement to be displayed in the main foyer of the school each week.

On leaving school, I was lucky to secure an apprenticeship in horticulture at Yarralumla Nursery. On completion of the apprenticeship, I worked as a horticulturist for a number of businesses around Canberra – constantly surrounded by flowers. However, as my passion and interest was more in floristry than horticulture, I successfully completed a 2 year floristry course and started dreaming about operating my own floristry business.

With two young children (and now three!) the best option was to work from home. I turned my dream into reality, hence the creation of Lilygrace Flowers, named after my two beautiful daughters. 


Canberra, ACT
Mobile: 0439 400 496
Email: lilygraceflowers@hotmail.com

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